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Martin Fowkes Wildlife Photographer…..

Enormous Art is proud to announce the Worldwide Distribution launch in January 2016.
World renowned wildlife photographer Martin leads and organises Safari’s to Kenya and his relationship with the best guides allows him to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating and potentially dangerous animals on the planet in order to create his amazing portraits.
His passion is Africa and he has spent a considerable amount of time in Kenya. His travels have inspired Martin to encourage others to take an active interest in conservation. Martin firmly believes that the power and the reach of photography is an important tool in promoting the plight of endangered species and the magnificent, but often fragile environments in which they live. Martin supports organisations such as ‘Save the Rhino’ and the Guba Dida primary school in Kenya. He also works with ‘Lion Aid’ and has donated images which are widely used by them for publicity purposes and to raise funds for their invaluable work.
Martin has a permanent Gallery base at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, The award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park YWP, which puts conservation at the heart of all its activities, brings visitors almost face to face with some of the world’s most rare and beautiful animals, including Tigers, Lions, Giraffes and many more. From his base here he has unique access to some of the worlds most endangered wildlife and to photograph them for posterity.
YWP is providing a ray of hope for the world’s most endangered big cat , the Amur Leopard, one of the most threatened species on the planet. Only 70 of the majestic animals survive in the wild in the Far East of Russia and China. As one of the world’s largest polar bear reserves, it is a centre for polar bear conservation, welfare and research The Project Polar Appeal is raising funds to help polar bears and YWP is working with Polar Bears International and part of the European breeding programme (EEP), YWP plays a critical role in this.

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